BPI certification is not a commonly known designation. BPI stands for the Building Performance Institute. It is not for profit organization that works to build consensus on standards for retrofitting existing homes for energy efficiency, health, and safety. The organization offers certification for building professionals that meet their testing criteria. The general testing covers written and practical exam covering a selection of topics around assessing a building’s energy efficiency, making changes to make a building more efficient, and presenting the analysis to consumers. Special testing goes into making building systems more efficient and verifying a building envelope is secure.

Doing energy audits is becoming more popular. Older homes do not have the same modernizations as those built last couple decades. This means that they are generally inefficient with energy as well as harboring potential safety and health issues. Doing energy audit is one way to make an older home more energy efficient, safe, and healthy. Finding someone holds BPI certification is a good start to getting a solid energy audit. These professionals can come into an existing home, perform a full energy audit, and present the homeowner with the assessment along with recommendations. The professional offers the recommendations based on what they should prioritize and what the homeowner can do or require professional assistance.

Most homeowners take a look at their home for improvements every decade or two. For homeowners that have a home is more than 15 to 20 years old, getting an energy audit just makes economic sense. Technology and building materials continues to advance. Windows and doors are much more efficient. Insulation technologies continue to advance as well. After a couple of decades, most homes can do with an upgrade to energy efficiency as well as a facelift on looks. Bringing in a professional with BPI certification is the first stop in starting an energy efficiency facelift.

Due to increasing consumer awareness about energy efficiency and environmental impact, businesses that attain BPI accreditation and employee professionals with BPI certification continue to gain customers. It is investment for a business to work towards BPI accreditation. It is investment for a business to help their employees gained certification for BPI. Ultimately, this investment will pay off with increased business as well as being at the leading edge of the green building wave. Investing in this little known designation at this time can pay off for many years to come.

BPI Certification